EasyPro Cabrio Submersible Color Changing LED Light Strip
EasyPro Cabrio Submersible Color Changing LED Light Strip
Remote Control
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Cabrio Lighting Series
Add color in and around your pond to create your own lighting theme. Give your back yard oasis its own unique atmosphere — color of lights can be set for special occasions, holidays or just for the fun of it! You can synchronize all your Cabrio lights with a single remote. All Cabrio lights feature epoxy-filled aluminum housing that can be used in or out of water.
  • Wide spectrum of colors give you an endless variety of decorative options
  • Change color, mode, speed and brightness all from the Cabrio remote
  • Create multiple preprogrammed patterns and color combinations
  • Radio frequency remote works up to 60' away without direct line of sight
  • Cabrio remote required for all Cabrio lights
Submersible Color Changing LED Light Strips
Each light strip includes 10 Watt transformer and 15' power cord. Includes disconnect at radio receiver and quick connect plug for transformer.

Cabrio Remote Control
This remote control works with the radio frequency (RF) receiver included in with each Cabrio light. This remote control is required to operate all Cabrio lights, and is capable of operating any combination of Cabrio fixtures within range. Extendible antenna allows for increased range of use. Includes A23 battery. Measures 2" x 4" x 0.75"