EasyPro Commercial UV Clarifiers
EasyPro Commercial UV Clarifiers
35W Clarifier (EPUV35)55W Clarifier (EPUV55)75W Clarifier (EPUV75)110W & 150W Clarifiers (EPUV110/EPUV150)225W Clarifier (EPUV225)
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Keep water crystal clear with these commercial grade clarifiers! A protective device built inside quartz sleeve turns off power when top cover is opened. Dual inlets and outlets allow for multiple plumbing options.
  • Polished stainless interior reflector increases reflection up to 35%
  • Sight indicator shows at a glance when unit is working
  • UV-C grade bulbs have 9000 hour life rating
  • 2" PVC inlet/outlets include union connections
  • 5yr limited warranty on housing
Part # Description Maximum
Flow Rate
Pond Size
UV Bulb
EPUV35 35W Clarifier 2800gph 4,800 gallons (1) 35W 15' 10lb
EPUV55 55W Clarifier 3600gph 7,500 gallons (1) 55W 15' 12lb
EPUV75 75W Clarifier 4800gph 10,000 gallons (1) 75W 15' 15lb
EPUV110 110W Clarifier 6500gph 14,000 gallons (2) 55W 15' 23lb
EPUV150 150W Clarifier 6500gph 19,000 gallons (2) 75W 15' 29lb
EPUV225 225W Clarifier 9000gph 24,000 gallons (3) 75W 15' 43lb

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