EasyPro Pro-Series Check Valve Assemblies
EasyPro Pro-Series Check Valve Assemblies
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Pro-Series Check Valve Assemblies are used inside Pro-Series skimmers to bring the flow of water from the pump up to the outlet hole in the back wall of the skimmer. Check valve assemblies connect the pump to the plumbing and keep plumbing line full of water even when the pump is off. Pre-assembled check valves are sized to properly fit a pump and equipment combination to desired pipe size.

Model Size Compatible Pumps Fits Inside Weight
CVA12EP 1.25" EP2200 PSM 2lb
CVA12TG 1.25" TLS1850, TLS2750 PSM 2lb
CVA15EP 1.5" EP2200, EP3200N PSM 2lb
CVA15TGM 1.5" All TLS Pumps PSM 2lb
CVA15THM 1.5" TH150 PSM 2lb
CVA15TG 1.5" All TLS Pumps PSA5000, PSA7000,
CVA15TH 1.5" TH150 PSA5000, PS1, JAFM, PV60E, JAFL 4lb
CVA20TH 2" TH150, TH250, TH400, TH750 PSA5000, PSA7000,
CVA30EP2 3" All TM, TB, WQ Pumps PS2, JAFV 9lb
CVA30K* 3" TB8000, TM9500,
TB12000**, TM13500**
PSA9000, PSA11000 10lb
*Assembly is cut to length on-site and a male adapter glued on; check valve installs outside skimmer
**Pumps can be used in applications where head pressure reduces flow under 11000gph (skimmer capacity)