EasyPro Floating Fountain Heads
EasyPro Floating Fountain Heads
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EasyPro Floating Fountain Heads make it easy to build your own fountain! Simply hook a pump to this floating fountainhead. The fountain head has a 24" diameter high density float and a decorative float cover. The spray nozzle threads on/off for easy cleaning.
  • Ideal for use with existing lawn sprinkling pump.
  • Inlet connection is 2" female threads.
Fountain Performance Chart
Rocket Nozzle Wide Umbrella Nozzle
Spray Pattern Flowrate Ft. of Head Spray Pattern Flowrate Ft. of Head
6'H x 3'D 2400gph 10' 4'H x 15'D 3720gph 11'
8'H x 3'D 2700gph 13' 6'H x 20'D 4620gph 14'
10'H x 3'D 3060gph 15' 8'H x 24'D 4920gph 19'
12'H x 3'D 3300gph 16' -- -- --
14'H x 3'D 3660gph 20' -- -- --
16'H x 3'D 3900gph 23' -- -- --