EasyPro Mini Air Compressors and Replacement Diaphragm Kits
EasyPro Mini Air Compressors and Replacement Diaphragm Kits
MC6 Air CompressorDiaphragm Kit for MC6 Air CompressorMC8 Air CompressorDiaphragm Kit for MC8 Air CompressorMC10 Air CompressorDiaphragm Kit for MC10 Air Compressor
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These Economy Air Compressors are ideal for supplying oxygen to small fish holding tanks, aquariums, bait tanks and small garden ponds. Air compressors increase oxygen levels, which help with decomposing organic material, result in a cleaner and healthier pond. 
  • Energy-efficient aeration, destratification and circulation water gardens and Koi ponds
  • Reliable linear compressors have few moving parts, reducing need of repair
  • Compressors require proper enclosure for outdoor use
  • Built-in air flow control and air outlet sized for 3/16" tubing
Part # Max
Air Flow Watts Outlets Cord
EasyPro Kit
Ship Wt
MC6 4' 0.3cfm 2 1 6' EPA1 3lb
MC8 5' 0.4cfm 3 2 4' EPA2 4lb
MC10 5' 0.5cfm 5 4 4' EPA4 5lb