EasyPro Pond-Vive
EasyPro Pond-Vive
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EasyPro Pond-Vive is the natural, biological way to revive your pond! This special blend of enzyme-producing bacteria is designed to reduce sludge build-up, eliminate pond odors, reduce oxygen demand, eliminate excess nutrients, and improve water clarity. Safe for fish, animals and humans!

This premium formula contains more than 5 billion CFU (colony-forming units) per gram, as well as barley straw and enzymes to boost sludge digestion and 
nutrients to stimulate bacteria growth. This cold weather bacteria strain can achieve results in temperatures as low as 38°F. 

For best results, Pond-Vive should be applied every two weeks at dosage given below, when water temperatures are above 55ºF (Can be added at colder temperatures but results will be diminished). 


Initial Dose Maintenance Dose
Low sludge build-up / New ponds 8lb per surface acre 4lb per surface acre
High sludge build-up 12lb per surface acre 6lb per surface acre