EasyPro Pressurized Bead Filters
EasyPro Pressurized Bead Filters
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EasyPro Pressurized Bead Filters provide optimal mechanical and biological filtration for water gardens, koi ponds, hybrid ponds and fish systems! These filters boast a strong, heavy duty polyethylene filter body and Ultimate Tube Media, an eco-media that allow maximum filtration and minimal back pressure.

  • Uses a six-position control head
  • Backflush waste line has clear section to monitor cleaning cycle
  • Simple to set up and assemble
  • Free unions included for plumbing lines
  • 3 year warranty

The optional air blower agitates the media inside the filter prior to backflushing, which greatly speeds up the cleaning process. It also reduces water loss during backflush and helps prevent beads from clumping together. Air blower weighs additional 12lb.

Part # Maximum
Pond Size
Flow Rate
Dimensions Inlet/Outlet Ship Wt
PBF1800 1800 gallons 1800gph 16" Dia x 31" H 1.5" 38lb
PBF3600 3600 gallons 3000gph 19" Dia x 36" H 1.5" 62lb
PBF6000 6000 gallons 4200gph 24" Dia x 43" H 2" 85lb
PBF10000 10000 gallons 5400gph 31" Dia x 51" H 2" 134lb