EasyPro Pump Outlet Assemblies
EasyPro Pump Outlet Assemblies
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In many applications a check valve is not needed on the pump outlet, such as the small Just-A-Falls kits. These assemblies are designed for pumps used inside EasyPro pump vaults.

Part # Size Compatible Pumps Compatible Skimmers Ship Wt
PDA12EP 1.25" EP2200 JAFT 1 lb
PDA12TG 1.25" TLS1850, TLS2750 JAFT 1 lb
PDA125 1.5" EP2200, EP3200N JAFT 1 lb
PDA155 1.5" TLS1850, TLS2750 JAFT 1 lb
PDA15EP 1.5" EP2200, EP3200N JAFL, PV60E, JAFM 1 lb
PDA15TG 1.5" All TLS Pumps JAFL, PV60E, JAFM 1 lb
PDA20EP 2" EP4700N, EP6700N JAFL 1 lb
PDA20TH 2" TH150, TH250, TH400, TH750 JAFL, PV60E, JAFM 2 lb
PDA3097 2" x 3" EP6700N, EP9700 JAFV 3 lb
PDA3016 3" All TM, TB, WQ Pumps JAFV 5 lb