EasyPro Res-Cube - Waterfall Block / Water Matrix / Reservoir Cube
EasyPro Res-Cube - Waterfall Block / Water Matrix / Reservoir Cube
Standard Cube (JAFRC)Small High-Strength Cube (HSC22)Large High-Strength Cube (HSC44)Assembly of HSC22 / HSC44
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Res-Cubes are a must-have for pond-free water features! Using reservoir cubes not only allows you to reduce rock tonnage, sparing you time and back-breaking labor, but it allows you to increase your reservoir capacity and reduce your reservoir size!
  • Res-Cubes boast 90% water capacity, as compared to 40% with rock
  • Increased capacity means smaller reservoir: less digging, less liner, less work
Standard Res-Cubes
These are a great way to simplify installation of Just-A-Falls, formal fountains and other basins that typically use a large quantity of rock. These sturdy plastic cubes, similar to milk crates, can be stacked together to partially or totally fill a reservoir.

High-Strength Res-Cubes
These are great for weight-bearing features, whether a larger Just-A-Falls, a feature using large boulders, or 
under patios and walkways! Ships unassembled to save space and shipping cost, but is quick and easy to assemble on site. Can be used , etc. Great for retention and recycling of rain water.

Part # Description Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Water Capacity Ship
JAFRC Standard Res-Cube 19"Lx 13" x 11" 11.5 gal (1.5 cu ft) 5lb
HSC22* High-Strength Res-Cube, Small 27" x 16" x 9.5" 17 gal (2.4 cu ft) 23lb
HSC44* High-Strength Res-Cube, Large 27" x 16" x 17.5" 31.5 gal (4.4 cu ft) 30lb
*Sold only in pairs