EasyPro Round, Flat Bottom Tanks
EasyPro Round, Flat Bottom Tanks
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EasyPro offers a variety of tanks and tank systems for both educational and aquaculture applications. Tanks are lightweight, inexpensive, freshwater or saltwater compatible and have a long life expectancy! These one-piece tanks have no factory installed drains, instead using bulkhead fittings for watertight drain connections. Round, Flat Bottom Tanks are ideal for Koi display tanks, filtration tanks, and holding tanks.
  • Tanks do not need a support stand
Part # Dimensions Water Capacity
PT3931* 39" Diameter x 31"D 110 gallons
PT4822 48" Diameter x 22"D 125 gallons
PT4825* 48" Diameter x 25"D 150 gallons
PT5228* 52" Diameter x 28"D 180 gallons
PT5430 54" Diameter x 30"D 200 gallons
PT6530 65" Diameter x 30"D 300 gallons
PT8030 80" Diameter x 30"D 500 gallons
PT9038 90" Diameter x 38"D 800 gallons
PT9650 96" Diameter x 50"D 1200 gallons
*PT3931, PT4825, PT5228 have sump pit in floor of tank