EasyPro Eco-Series Sonata Filter
EasyPro Eco-Series Sonata Filter
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EasyPro Eco-Series® Waterfall Filters help keep ponds clean and clear while supplying an ideal base for waterfalls and streams. Pond water flows up through filter pads and filter media with high surface area, allowing suspended debris to be trapped and beneficial bacteria to provide natural biological filtration.
  • Easy, user friendly installation for the DIY builder -- no tools necessary!
  • Patented "spliner lock" system attaches liner without bolts, silicone or cutting
  • Includes 2 filter pads and 2 bags of Bio-Blox biological media
  • Pre-installed 1.5" inlet spin-weld fitting and 1.5" PVC adapter
  • Extended lip eliminates leaks
Part # Description Maximum
Pond Size
Weir Maximum 
Flow Rate
WF18E Sonata Filter 1800 gallons 22" x 25" x 21" 18" 3000gph 28lb

Features Includes
50gpm/3000gph Maximum flow rate Two Filter Pads
22"L x 25"W x 21"H Two bags of media
For use in 1800 gallon ponds Retail friendly packaging
1 1/2" Inlet
18" Waterfall Opening