EasyPro Vianti Falls Spillway Kit
EasyPro Vianti Falls Spillway Kit
11.5" Vianti Falls Kit (Extended Spillway Shown)23.5" or 35.5" Vianti Falls Kit (Regular Spillway Shown)Illustration
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It's everything you need to build a simple, yet beautiful waterfall using the block wall of your choice!

With simple elegance, the Vianti Falls system adds the beauty of water to any block wall. A stainless steel spillway with internal baffles creates a soothing sheet of water which is recycled inside of the basin below. Whether indoors or outdoors, the Vianti Falls system by EasyPro will provide a wonderful addition to any patio or entry way. Illuminate the falls with optional LED light bar for a stunning night time display!


  • Molded basin
  • Stainless steel spillway
  • EasyPro mag drive pump
  • PVC flex pipe and fittings
  • Installation instructions
Model Description Spillway Pump Basin Ship
HB11K 11.5" Vianti Falls Kit SSS11 EP850 RBH29 28lb
HB11KEX* 11.5" Vianti Falls Kit - Ext. Spillway SSS611 RBH29 29lb
HB23K 23.5" Vianti Falls Kit SSS23 EP1350 FWB48 54lb
HB23KEX* 23.5" Vianti Falls Kit - Ext. Spillway SSS623 FWB48 56lb
HB35K 35.5" Vianti Falls Kit SSS35 EP2200 FWB48 62lb
HB35KEX* 35.5" Vianti Falls Kit - Ext. Spillway SSS635 FWB48 64lb
*Extended Spillway kits feature 6" long spillway and larger splash mat