EasyPro Four-Legged Windmill Assembly for Wind-Driven Aeration System
EasyPro Four-Legged Windmill Assembly for Wind-Driven Aeration System
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Wind-driven windmills can save $25-$50 per month in electric costs, paying for itself in 4-8 years! These are ideal for aerating remote ponds that do not have electricity nearby, pumping a large volume of air at high pressure capability. Four-legged towers look more like traditional farm windmills and are more stable than three-legged units.

  • Will operate in winds as low as 5 mph!
  • 6' diameter head with 12 tapered blades, for operation in low or high winds
  • Pumps 2.9 cfm at 9 mph winds and up to 5 cfm in higher winds!
  • Tail section turns head in high winds to protect from over-speed conditions
  • Intake air passes through cleanable filter to prevent dirt and pollen from clogging pump
  • Three year limited warranty
Model # Description Overall
Ship Weight
FLW12P 12' Windmill, Poly Tubing, Diffuser 15' 245lb (Multibox)
FLW12W 12' Windmill, Quick Sink Tubing, Diffuser 15' 288lb (Multibox)
FLW16P 16' Windmill, Poly Tubing, Diffuser 19' 286lb (Multibox)
FLW16W 16' Windmill, Quick Sink Tubing, Diffuser 19' 329lb (Multibox)
FLW20P 20' Windmill, Poly Tubing, Diffuser 23' 333lb (Multibox)
FLW20W 20' Windmill, Quick Sink Tubing, Diffuser 23' 376lb (Multibox)

Hinge Set allows you to tilt the windmill over for maintenance and repair. Also helps stabilize the base. Hinges attach to the ground stake rods.
Windmill Freeze Control consists of a small ethanol tank with control valve. It prevents the water line from freezing by releasing ethanol alcohol (or rubbing alcohol) into the line should ice begin to form. After the ice melts, the valve then closes and normal operation resumes.